Content audits

Do you know how much it costs your business to feed multiple social media account, blogs, video channels, magazines? And do you really know if it's working for you? We don't just count likes and shares. We audit the effectiveness of your content activities against goals that matter most to your business. And we benchmark against the best in your industry.

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Content strategy

Are you looking to generate leads, to increase your visibility, to attract the right job applicants or to power your sales team? Content is a powerful tool to support real business outcomes. We will map a content strategy that will ensure you have the right tools, skills and measurements in place to reach the audiences you seek and create the impact you need.

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World class content

We support your content operations with our team of world class designers, videographers, specialist writers, infographic artists and podcasters to ensure that you make a lasting impact with the audience we have guided you to.

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At Think First Content, we


the strategic priorities for your business The depth of knowledge and content your business owns, creates or has access to The stories you tell and how you work now to exploit your content to its best advantage


The impact your content has with your customers The relevance of your content impact to your strategic priorities Your content and communications against competitors, the global best, and against competitors you may not even know you have Future scenarios for your content development in a changing market


detailed strategic plan that identifies your content strengths and the potential to increase your impact A strategy informed by an understanding of emerging platforms, audience behaviours, business constraints and future opportunities Recommendations that accept change is constant and rapid, preparing your business so that you can respond as behaviors and expectations continue to evolve.

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Invite us to asses what you can do better to grow your business, using content as your unfair competitive advantage.